A limited edition poetry book, a long time and many processes in the making. It began when Sam Sampson had the idea to craft a poem using a circle cutter to slice up an existing poetry manuscript from 1897 (Un Coup de Dés – A throw of the dice). He took over two years to place his own words throughout a series of collages made of circles of type. In discussion with Books on Books, it was decided Verso would make a book in time for an exhibition celebrating the 125 year anniversary of the publication of the original poem by Stéphane Mallarmé.

Jacinda designed the Sun-O emblem, interior layout and linings (these feature printed designs, relating to the old manuscript and Sam’s new circle/collage poem, in digital Indigo white ink and typeface DTL Elzevir) and then worked with Centurion Print and The Binding Studio to produce the book.

In April 2022 it shipped to the UK via NZ Post to join works made by other poets and artists in a series of ongoing exhibitions at selected galleries and libraries in the UK and France. It’s also part of an online exhibition – Books on Books: Bookmarking Book Art – “Un Coup de Dés”.

Specs: Hinge-lid box with 35mm outer walls, Chelsea Beige 45 cover material, white foiled emblem, black ribbon pull-out, containing 28 page + cover book, 300 x 225mm, with die cut cover, hand sewn binding with black thread. 10 boxed and 10 unboxed copies

Stock: Cover – 270gsm Mohawk Ultra White Eggshell / Text – 148gsm Ultra White Mohawk Eggshell / Internal box linings: 135gsm ColourPlan Bright Red

Scanning: PCL Imaging

Print: Centurion Print

Binding and assembly: The Binding Studio

Photos: Samuel Hartnett

Client: Sam Sampson + Books on Books