The Chancellor's Circle

A ‘book of recognition’ designed to commemorate donors to the University of Auckland. The book contains three different sections (levels of donation), represented by a past Chancellor. Verso worked with a number of suppliers to produce this book. It is constructed by Spiral Path Book Studio in such a way as to be expandable, allowing each section to have a new page added each year. It features architectural drawings of the University’s Clock Tower by R.A. Lippincott, sourced from the University’s Architecture Archive, and illustrations of the Chancellors by Julie Grieg. The leather bookcover is embossed with a detail from the clock tower’s floor mosaic. The interior pages are digitally printed onto archival paper by Premier Print, and silver type is printed onto the ribbons by Deco Art.

Specs: A3 sized / leather-bound, embossed cover / 188gsm Hahnemuhle archival photo rag paper

Client: University of Auckland

Photo of book on plinth courtesy of Holly Palmer